Her feathers only slightly calm, but she presses her face back into his fingers unhappily. His smile is such a sad one and she decides she doesn’t like it. Decides she’s gonna handle the glyphs anyway. He doesn’t need that on his mind.

For now, though, the little bird nods and hums gently.

"Yeah, okay. We both gotta eat, right? Make me somethin’ special, mister Forest Guardian."

She remembers vaguely—yesterday was her hatching day, she thinks, but it doesn’t matter. Maybe she’ll crack a joke about it later.

"Heh, well, technically I don’t need to. But I like to." He picks her up in his hands and starts heading back towards the tent,

"How about some pancakes? I make the best damn pancakes you’ll ever have in your entire life."


"No!" He shouts and then guiltily lowers his voice, "No, no don’t go near them. I didn’t get a chance to read all the glyphs but they might trap you too. Please, just. Stay away from them. I’ll deal with them."

His voice scares her for a moment—her feathers ruffle and her head ducks.

"I. Um. Okay. Okay. i just thought—okay."

She feels all gross and terrible now, having gotten him like this, and she really doesn’t want him to deal with it at all. She should get rid of it, it scares him and she’s just a harpy, nobody even knows she’s there. 

"W-We’ll figure it out. Yeah?"

"Y-yeah, yeah, don’t worry, okay." He looks up and he’s forced a smile that doesn’t reach his eyes and it’s thin and hollow but he’s trying all the same,

"It’ll be all right, it always is." He reaches out a hand and gently strokes her, trying to sooth her ruffled feathers, "Hey, are you hungry? We can go back to the tent and I can make something since Amby brought me food…"

The tent seemed empty but there was steam curling out of the cracked open door to the bathroom and the sound of the shower running.

There was a bend, a shift of reality as it made room for something that wasn’t there before.

The shower shut off. A clatter of movement. The shuffling of a towel.

The door swung open in a billow of steam and Eternal strode across his tent towards his bed where his clothes are neatly folded and waiting for him.

"Mr. Once-Ler."

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*snorts* you know I won't forget this, one of the many hats i wear is babysitter for you and that other idiot. Here, *hands him a pad of paper* If you need me, write a note and it will get to me. It's magic so it will work. I know you don't have my phone number and I ain't gonna teach ya tonight. *gives him a hug and pets Tonks on the head* Night Terny. Keep him safe Tonks. *gives him another hug and then leaves*
"Goodnight, Pappy," Flynn muttered sadly, taking Moirin's hand as they watched him go. "I will."
Well the give me something to talk about or something because the only thing I can focus on is the elephant in the room, even thought I know you don't wanna talk about it.


I just need some time. Some space. I…I want tobe…left alone for a while. I need to think.

Thank you for the food Amby. Now go home. Go home and sleep amd do something normal and forget about this for a while.

I need…I want…space.

"Like you!" Flynn smiled. "An' Mr. Lorax."

"Heh, yeah sure, kid. Like the Lorax…" Eternal smiles at him and ruffles his hair,

"Listen, Flynn, I need you tp do a fabor for me. I…keep an eye on Ghost for me okay. Just. Don’t let him do anything stupid. I
..he…he doesn’t…deserve that.” The guardian closes his eyes and leta out a heavy sigh. Tonks presses against his side, a comforting presence,

"Now I…I need some time to think. I need to be…I need some space. I…it’s late. You should get some sleep." He picks Flynn up and movea him off his lap, hauling himself to his feet with a grunt and crackle of old bones, "Go home Flynn, Moirin. I meed some time to myself." He hesitates and then says softly,

"Goodnight." And with that he vanishes into the lengthening shadows in a swirl of his long coat, Tonks at his heels.

I'm not making things better, am I?

I said I didn’t want to talk about this right now….

"Okay," Flynn nodded, sitting in Eternal's lap. "I've been gettin' better at readin' the Life Force," he said softly, trying to distract from any sadness that lingered.

"Good, good, that’s…that’s good." Eternal mutters, weaving his fingers tighter into Tonks’ fur,

"Keep practicing kid you’re….you’re going to be a great g-guardian…" He swallows the stutter and forces a smile.

At least he shows that he's still human and not some freaking mad scientist.