[txt] i love you. when can we get together again? [txt] i want to lay in your arms and feel your hands on mine and breathe the same air you are


Wait…there’s more messages…

[txt] btw theres probably something u should kno

[txt] gotta go in for extra hours for work next week. im not gonna be around [txt] i wanted 2 let u know ahead of time so it didnt look like i was ignoring u [txt] but after that we can cuddle together and kiss and be together again

[txt] i love you


[txt] Love you too, sunshine. Stay safe. <3

*closes laptop and kicks it away*

You shouldn't.

I do and I will continue to do so.

And nothing any of you greyfaces say will change that.

Why won't he tell you what happened? If he is your best friend, wouldn't he tell you if something's wrong?

W-well I’m sure he has his reasons.

Maybe he’s just really shaken up and isn’t ready to talk yet. Maybe he doesn’t want to let me know because he doesn’t want to put me in danger.

Whatever the reasons are, they’re his and he’ll ask for my help when he’s ready to.

I trust him.

What do you think he did?

I…I dunno….

I know he wasn’t hurt, that didn’t smell like his blood and despite the tension in his life force he wasn’t in any physical pain.

I’m worried he might have been attacked by something. He didn’t really believe in what I was for the longest time, he could still be in denial about a lot of things. There’s a lot of stuff out there that wouldn’t hesitate to attack someone just because they could.

Worse still, I’m worried it might have something to do with that guy he murdered the first time I saw him go crazy……

He’s scared of something though. He’s scared and I wish he’d tell me why.


Ghost tears his arm from Eternal’s grip, furious, but there’s a gleam of anxiousness in his darkened eyes,

"Don’t you touch me like that," he growls, and straightens his suit, "don’t you fucking touch me, Eternal. You have no right to accuse me of— accuse me of— you have no right! What I do is my business and mine alone, it’s personal!"

He rubs his wrist, almost as if Eternal had burned him at the touch. The scientist turns and stands on the second step of the stairs, “Now, if you’ll excuse me,” he mutters, “I have to go. Have a good day, Eternal.”

Eternal stares after Ghost, confusion and hurt evident on his features. Ghost has never, ever spoken to him like that before, at least not while he’s in his right mind, and it jars the guardian. He swallows hard and backs off, a chill at his back, the stink of otherworldly blood still permeating his senses.

"Y-yeah," He mutters hoarsely and then clears his throat, "Sure. I’ll just—yeah." He picks up the bag and shuffles towards the door, not quite turning his back on his best friend,

"Thanks for the food, Ghost, I…I’ll see you around."

Then he backs out the door and is gone.


Ghost smile vanishes in the most unnatural way and he downs all of his wine in one sip.

"That doesn’t make any sense," he murmurs, and he pulls at his sleeves on his coat. "Hilda and I are the only ones here, and the pets; just us."

He carefully puts his glass in the sink. He forgets how Eternal can see the life force, smell blood, just like an animal.

It’s very interesting.

And he shakes his head at the thought, cautiously straightening his shirt because suddenly he realizes where the source of the smell is coming from, and shuffles past Eternal,

"Well," he says, "If you’re, uh.. if that’s all you wanted, I’m glad I could help, then. I do believe I ought to go change clothes, I have, uh.. things. Yeah. Things I have to do. Important things."

"Hey! No, hold on a minute!"

Eternal’s hand flashes out and closes around Ghost’s wrist, pulling him to a halt,

"What’s that on your sleeve? What the hell is—gods, Ghost, is that blood? Is that—is this from you? You reek of it! What’s been going on!? Are you okay!?”

The guardian can’t seem to tear his gaze away from the bright red stain on his friend’s sleeve, it’s snagged his gaze, the stench of it seeping into his core. He drags his eyes away from it, it’s churning his stomach, and stares at Ghost, looking for an answer,

"What have you been doing?”


He laughs again and finds two massive slabs of meat (a bit strange to have those in there, but now isn’t the time to question him on that) before handing them to Eternal,

"I swear, I’m fine," he chuckles, "but yeah, just got home from work. I had a very good day, though, got a, uh, got a lot done! Heheh, no, it’s not a bad time, you’re welcome here whenever you want, Brother, heheh!"

He scratches up at his scars, and pulls out a bottle of wine from the fridge while he’s there. Grabbing a glass, he pulls out the cork with his teeth and splashes the crimson drink into the glass, taking a much needed drink and replacing the bottle.

"Certainly you didn’t come just to ask stuff from me," he hums casually, leaning up against one of the counters. "There’s gotta be more to your motives, hm?"

"Um, n-no, actually, I just came to—came for the meat." Eternal grimaces and conjures a bag to hold the meat in before looking up at Ghost. Something about him is putting Eternal on edge and the guardian can’t put his finger on what it is.

But then..

Eternal wrinkles his nose, sniffs the meat Ghost as handed him, and then looks around at his friend,

"I smell blood. Weird blood. Not human blood."

The guardian frowns, “That’s not you and it’s certainly not me and it’s definitely not this meat. What’s going on here?”


He laughs again, and it’s a little unsettling, “Yeah, sure, of course!” He replies. He takes it into the kitchen, snuffing it out and tossing it away, then stoops down at the fridge and looks around for food, “Does Tonks like anything in particular? Beef, porkchop, salmon? Any of those tasty meats, hm?”

He actively avoids Eternal’s first question.

"Uh, she likes…all meat, really. No personal preference as far as I know." Eternal’s voice is distracted, still heavy with concern as he follows Ghost into the kitchen,

"Are you sure you’re all right? You’re being kind of…jittery. Your life force is acting weird. Strained. Twisted. Did you just get home from work? Is this…a bad time?"


Tumb hums against Eternal’s body, runs his hands through his hair and tips his face up so that he can kiss him. “Of course. Of course. Anything for you…” 

He keeps murmuring sweet nothings, whispering into his ear as he buries one hand deep into Eternal’s hair, the other making slow, leisurely circles and shapes on his back. 

"You light up my life," he murmurs, pausing just long enough to plant a kiss on his neck. "Just like you light up the rest of me. I love you."

"Love you too, Tumb," Eternal says in a low voice, closing his eyes, enjoying the sensation of Tumb playing with his hair, his body,

"You’re my sunshine. My only sunshine. And I’ll never let anything take you away from me."

They lay together like that for a long time, exchanges soft murmured words and sweet touches and sweeter kisses. Eternal plays with Tumb’s fingers and gently presses his lips to the scars on his wrists and Tumb keeps in contact with him, his arms around him. They are a grounding force of heat and, later, when the sun has sunk behind the mountains and the stars are creeping sheepishly into the sky, they crawl under the covers and fall asleep in each other’s arms.


"Shh. There you go. Just let me…" Tumb pulls Eternal so that he’s sitting upright, grabbing his hands and pressing kisses to the tips of each of his fingers. He takes the hem of Eternal’s shirt, lifting it up and over his head, casting it off the bed without a second thought. 

Trailing his lips down Eternal’s collar, down over his stomach, to his waistline, he pulls down his pants, taking his boxers with them. He shucks them off, ghosting his fingers over Eternal’s skin, drinking him in, soaking in his heat. 

"You’re beautiful," he murmurs, kissing the spot where the two scars on his chest intersect.

The guardian trembles as Tumb undresses him and makes an outright groan when his boyfriend kisses the scars on his chest. He hates those scars, hates what they stand for, hate where they came from, hate that they’re there at all.

But to Tumb they’re beautiful. And for a moment he can forget all the bad things that cling to his skin and just bask in the brilliant warmth and blue that is his lover. 

Tentatively, he runs his hands over Tumb’s chest, drags his fingertips up his arms, brushes his hair. Then he leans against him, pressing his head to Tumb’s chest to listen to his heartbeat.

"Mmm, you’re so warm, sunshine. Warm and beautiful and handsome and sweet." The guardian stretches in Tumb’s lap, settling down comfortably, "Will you…" He blushes, stutters over his words, tries again, "Will you play with my hair? My back marking? Just. Touch me? Please?"