Yes, that's. What I said. Well no I didn't SAY it because I figured we all understood that already and it didn't need saying. It's nice to meet you, though. You're my brother too, it'll be nice getting to know you. *He then turned to Infinity* And you never got respect you just made people piss themselves in fear until they did what you wanted. HUGE difference.

*Infinity grins* I know. That was great. I should do that again sometime.

*Aeon, completely ignoring Infinity, tilts his head ever so slowly to the side* I do not believe you need to “get to know me” as you already know us. That being said, your presence could be useful in defending ourselves. We our vulnerable and weak, split as we are like this. And Eternal has no powers to speak of whatsoever. He is a weak and useless mortal without us. Perhaps you could helps us keep an eye on him as he seems to disagree with our existence. …perhaps I should retrieve him from Ghost’s home, he would be much safer here in the valley…….

Hey, I've been dealing with refounding a followship amongst my lost descendants and moving them into my cavern which. Also flooded. Sides I wasn't talking about you, Finny, I was talking about the new guy. Well not NEW, but. Haven't seen you split up into three, before.

Ooohhh, I see, I’m just same old, same old. Yeah, well, fuck you all too. This was a lot more fun when I got some damn RESPECT. Many I should just pop back into that old meatsuit. Now THAT was some fuckin’ drama, heheheh…

Infinity, you will do no such thing. Besides I doubt you can possess someone in your current state.

Watch me, Goldilocks.

I do. Constantly. You’re a terrible nuisance. *Aeon switches his attention to Kodak and stares unblinkingly at him* And I am not, as you say, “new”. I have been here this whole time, I have always existed. But this is my first time with my own…physical existence, so to speak. We are still learning and our powers still surprise us. When I arose to defend against Infinity’s possession against Ghost, it was a surprise to all of us. We were not aware that we were capable of such things. And now we are.

Uhh. Hmm. Well this is new.

Not as new as you actually showing your feathery ass up here, brother.

-peeks head into guest room- Er, uh, Eternal? You doin' alright in here? You need me to get more ice or anything? If you need, I can run you a bath. Or get some more food? Did you eat everything I gave you?

Eternal is lying facedown on the bed with his head in the pillow, on top of the blankets, the epitome of someone having the worst day of their life.

He doesn’t move when Ghost asks him the questions.

But he does let out a very long, muffled, groan that would have made any disillusioned and angst ridden teenager proud.

Don't you think you're over reacting just a little to this whole being human thing? It's not a death sentence you know

You don’t get it.

I haven’t been human for…for I don’t even know anymore! Over a seven hundred years or something!

All this time I slept and I ate and I did human things because I wanted to keep some part of that alive. I wanted to pretend I was still human. I wanted to remember what it was like to me human.

But I forgot anyway.

I don’t need to breathe and sometimes I forget to. I don’t need to eat and I’ll go weeks without food and think nothing of it. I don’t need to sleep but I do it to relax. I don’t need to drink or shower or anything, I just do it because I can and I want to.

Those things are necessary for humans to live but I…I didn’t need to do them. And I knew it. And now I’m mortal. Stuck. I’ve forgotten what it was like and I didn’t even realize I had. It’s hard. And it makes it all the more harder because I wanted so badly to pretend I was still human somewhere inside me, to pretend that I wasn’t just a demi-god, a forest spirit, a creature of nature and energy and life.

I…I wanted some part of me to still be human even as I put myself above them. I wanted to hold on to a little bit of my humanity yet because…I was afraid that if I didn’t then I would forget myself, my past, what I’d done. And I was afraid that I would…that I would…drive everyone away. I was afraid they would leave because I was so obviously different from them.

I should have known better. I was never human. Maybe once, a long time ago, centuries ago, when I destroyed everything and laid waste to the valley. Maybe I was human then.

But I’m not now.

Even like this, I’m not human.

My body might be mortal, it might be flesh and blood and beating heart and starving for oxygen and in need of food and sleep.

But I’m not.

I’ll never be.

Not ever again.


Touch me and it won't end well for you. And who is Aeon?

*he shrugs, grin falling into a frown*

Aeon’s a pretentious, stuck up, dick face.

*she glares at him and her snakes start hissing* Infinity. What the Hades are you doing here?

*his grin widens and he leans against a tree, arms crossed loosely over his chest*

Ain’t just me here, sugartits. Scaletits? Eh. Anyway, Aeon’s here too, the stuck up ass. Terny’s run off to Ghost’s; bit of a shocker there since we still kind of hate him.

You can just hang with me, iffin’ you want. I can have fun.

*he winks suggestively*

Hello? Is anyone around?

Heeeyyy, it’s Snakes for Brains!

*Infinity steps out of the shadows, grinning, showing all his dagger sharp teeth*

Long time, no see, Gabby. What’s wrong? Couldn’t be bothered to deal with the mess we’d become?