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Too much fruit is bad for ya, it will make you sick and not a fun kind of sick. Do you think you can sneak into town with me and get some real food? I have money and I don't wanna go too far in, we can probably get you something and I'll bring by some real food tomorrow for you.



   Tumb chuckles and pulls both of them close, glad to be surrounded by people - person? whatever - what love him. One hand runs through Eternal’s hair, fluffing it up and tickling his scalp, and the other holds Finny tight, his fingers tapping against his side ever so lightly. “I’m sure he doesn’t. I’d prefer not to talk about him, now. Let’s talk about me. Because I’m just so cool. I should always be the topic of conversation!” He winks at no one in particular, then laughs again, kissing the top of Terny’s head. 

Heeyyyy where’s mine?" Infinity whines, twisting around to look at Tumb and pouting at him. It might have been cute if it weren’t for his ferocious teeth, "How come he gets a kiss and I don’t? Be fair, sunshine, that’s not very nice…

Eternal lets out a snort and curls up against Tumb, practically crawling into his lap. He closes his eyes ,enjoying his warmth, feeling the weight of tiredness tugging at him. He doesn’t want to fall asleep, no now, not when he has time with Tumb, but it’s hard, so hard to stay awake.

Have you had anything to eat in a while? Or slept at normal hours?

*hr shrugs*

I’ve slept and eaten. Kinda. I mean there’s not really any food in the tent so I’ve basically been living off of truffula fruit. Which… *he frowns a little, running a hand through Tonks’ fur* …which I think I’m not supposed to do….?

*looks at him oddly* I thought you all knew me well enough to know I can handle him. How are you holding up thought?

*Eternal snorts, not looking at her, he’s leaning against Tonks who is curled beneath a tree*

Okay, I guess. More annoyed than anything else. Everyone’s babying me.



kind of a little tired I guess……..


"Oh." That’s all Tumb can think to say. Oh. He stands for a moment, awkwardly taller than them, then throws himself down on the ground to be at their eye level. He’s closer to Finny than Terny for once, and he ruffles his hair before bringing his hand up to his mouth, kissing it softly. 

"I knew ya had a soft side," he says, smirking. "I didn’t even know you knew what sorry meant, let alone how to say it. I’m proud of you."

He’s making light of a serious situation, and part of him wants to hit himself for it, but a larger part of him wants to end it all, end the fear and the sadness and the dark, wants laughter and soft jokes and tender touches that no one flinches away from anymore. He wants to be normal. And maybe if he pretends the scary things aren’t there, they’ll go away. 

Infinity blinks at him curiously and then sighs and looks away. But he leans into Tumb’s touch anyway. Eternal, suddenly feeling jealous, crawls closer and purposefully lays down, plopping his head into Tumb’s lap. Infinity glances at him, snorts, and shimmies down to the grass to lean heavily against Tumb’s side.

I know how to say sorry," He grumbles, "S’ that fucktard back in the tent that doesn’t know what that word means.

*stops and looks around* No, I'm calling the part who, when separated from his other parts, acts like a horny, sleezy ass to anyone that comes in and isn't going to harm the valley.

It’s just our—his way of dealing with stuff. He doesn’t mean anything by it. If it makes you uncomfortable then just tell him to stop. Or I’ll tell him. Maybe.

*walks into the middle of the valley* Hello? Is anyone around? Preferably not Finny cause you're an ass and yes I know you can hear me.

*there’s a dark mutter from the shadows of a truffula tree*

You call part of us and ass, you call all of us an ass.

Busy Gods


Kodak leaned back against nothing at all and watched the brief little spat unfold before him. Then he watched Infinity slink away into the shadows. When it was just him and Aeon, Kodak turned to the lighter god. “You know, arguing with yourself like that has no point. And as for Eternal…”

Kodak hesitated. Infinity Aeon and Eternal were all equal parts of his brother, and two to one meant more of his brother wanted him confined than free. But he still wasn’t sure about trapping Eternal in the Valley. It seemed like a decision born of fear and paranoia, not real desire or sense. “Well, look at it this way; you can’t stand Infinity. Eternal feels for you and Finny the way you feel about the inky old bastard. Difference is Eternal is human, not a drop of the World is in him right now. That being said he’s not human right now. He’s a third of a god in human form. Mortal souls have always been so damned complex, I don’t have time to argue semantics, but my point is… I don’t think forcing him to stay here is a good idea. Especially since, as you said yourself, he is another part of you. You and Infinity stay in the Valley, no one told you to. Eternal may take trips, but his home is HERE. He’ll always come back, so attempting to forcibly confine him is only going to drive him away.”

You speak sense,” Aeon admitted and he seemed to soften a bit, some of the coldness edging out of him just a tad, “But you have to understand, we are afraid. We are not…as strong as we thought we were and it frightens us. I believe that Eternal flees from us not out of a desire of rebellion but because he wishes to find a place to hide. We are dealing with this in our own way; Infinity with his brashness, I with my indulgence of work, and Eternal with his skittishness." The light being not so much as crosses his arms as wraps his arms around himself, drawing his wings in tight,

It is…difficult to put these things into words. It is even more difficult to speak of them. What happened to us…what Ghost did and what Ellis attempted to do can no be undone or forgotten. We cannot erase it from our minds nor get rid of the scars it left on us. We are still struggling with this." He looked away, into the trees, away from Kodak,

If I have driven a part of myself away, it is only because we do not yet know what to do with ourselves.

Busy Gods


"….." Kodak gave Aeon a half glare, half amused look. "You’re the ones who asked for my help. What exactly did you expect? The world itself has an order, an order that can be manipulated, code that can be used for an effect. Runes of power, thoughts iron clad that can trap even gods. So I brought something that predates all of it. It shouldn’t fuck up the Life Force itself, I only made it to protect."

"But uh, yeah, as soon as you’re whole again it is best to crack this thing in half. It creates a big ol’ bubble, a shield, to block anything that intends harm upon you. If it’s left on for too long, everything here will stagnate, go stale."

Aeon’s eyes narrowed, “I do not like the idea of relying on something we do not quite understand. Nor do I like that this could cause potential harm to the valley. However, we do trust you and we appreciate your help all the same. Eternal has been quite difficult to contain despite his mortality. It is bothersome.

Infinity cackled, “You’re tryin’ to box him in! Of course he’s gonna rebel! We’re about freedom and sunlight and wide open spaces, dumbass, how many times do I gotta say it? You can’t even stay in the tent that long, you’re poppin’ out every chance you get!

Oh shut up." Aeon ruffled his wings, swiping one at Infinity who ducked, still laughing, and danced away into shadows of the trees. His glowing blue eyes glinted out at them, mocking with silent laughter. Aeon hissed at him and then returned his attention to Kodak,

Thank you for your help. Perhaps you could help us wrangle Eternal as well, make him see reason. He apparently abhors spending time in our company, it’s rather ridiculous as we are him and he is us.